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Message to Students and Parents

Message to Students and Parents

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October 31, 2020


Dear DBS Students & Parents


We are grateful for your patience in the past few days as the internet disconnection disrupted our online education programs severely. I am pleased to announce that our network is restored and the online program shall continue as of Monday as planned. We have devised a simple online streaming schedule which allocates Monday to Grade 8, Tuesday for Grade 7, Wednesday for Grade 6 and Thursday for 5 Graders. Friday is reserved for 7 & 8 Graders as they have more courses to be covered in a single day.


The online classes both live streaming and course document displays are conducted using only the New Learning Moodle Platform at .  The previous Google Classroom is no longer active. Students who are not enrolled in the new system can contact my office as soon as possible. The lists of active users in the new system are listed in the following attachment. A single email address cannot be used for two or more students and hence some of students are rejected by the system automatically. Therefore we encourage parents to create separate new G-Mail accounts for each child and send us the details of the Name, Grade and Email via text using 0988112194.  


We are always there to help you out should you have any inquires concerning the new system.


Kind Regards,


Milkyas Solomon

Middle School Principal

0988112194, 0115529979